The policy of FIMA Carlo Frattini is to provide products that meet the needs of the medium-high
range in the sanitary tap market.

Products must be:
• comply with the requirements of current laws where applicable
• where possible, in compliance with national or international technical standards
• compliant with the agreed specifications and compatible with the characteristics of the process
• able to guarantee corporate profit

The Company works to ensure that the involvement of all resources, in all activities, is constant and
aimed at achieving the following goals:
• full satisfaction of the customer’s specifications
• prevention of malfunctions and inadequacies of the Quality Management System
• quality and reliability of products and services
• continuous improvement to aim for “zero complaints”

The commitment to provide, in addition to an excellent product, also a careful service, which
• compliance with deliveries
• maximum availability for any customer request

Human resources are considered primary corporate assets; they are given adequate training for the
responsibilities they hold.

The processes are constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure their functionality and efficacy. The
machines, tools and equipment are suitable for the use for which they are intended; they are
checked and subjected to maintenance programs to ensure their proper functioning over time.